Off we go to the breeder!  Not sure if Morgan is excited about the same thing we were but we were all in a good mood.
Here we are!  This is where Maggie's dad (Bear) lived.
Can't wait! (why are we all so excited?)
Choices, choices.  There were 3 females left when we picked.  The breeder put ribbons around the puppies necks so we could tell them apart.  The one with white looks cute...
Yes, there is definitely something about the white ribboned one...
Its Maggie!!
Here are the Mills, who own Maggie's mom (Nala).  They did a great job raising Maggie and we are very appreciative of their efforts.  Sadly, they had to say goodbye.
Ready for the ride home?
No, not ready for the ride home.  After about ten minutes, we had to pull over and give her a rest.  She burrowed into the grass and almost fell asleep.
This place isn't so bad.  She loves tummy rubs.  She will flip over when you go near her in the hopes you give her a good rubdown.  (Morgan does the same thing, but Maggie picked that up on her own)
Her first day home she mostly slept.  She had a big morning (goodbye to Mom and the siblings, goodbye to the Mills, hello to new family, first car ride, first trip to PetsMart).  She woke up briefly for a good chew.
Having slept all day, she made sure she didn't sleep the first night.  She woke up three times, and got in some playing at around 3:30am.  We'll make sure to keep her up during the day in the future.
Morgan is accepting Maggie a lot better than we ever expected.  She still growls when Maggie gets to affectionate, but the 3am playtimes are certainly upside!
Maggie tastes Morgan's tail.  Later in the day, Maggie also got a taste of pack dynamics...only bite on a larger dog if you want to get bitten back.  No harm done, but a good lesson learned.
The girls take a break. 
First try at the kiddie pool.  Not sure what to do.
  Morgan does a belly flop as a way of showing Maggie the ropes.
  Happily at home.  And, she already plays fetch!
  More pictures on the second page.  New pictures posted August 1, 2006.