Maggie P. 2

  Morgan and Maggie have really hit it off.  They play all the time!
Either Morgan is chasing Maggie or, as in this photo, Morgan lets Maggie climb all over her as they wrestle over a toy.
Morgan even lets Maggie nap on her on rare occasions.
Last week, we took Maggie to the dog park although we have to be careful of other dogs until she gets all her shots.
Whew!  It was 97 degrees and nothing but sand at the park, so maybe its time for a swim?
Some dogs may be afraid of water when they first see it, but I guess Maggie is not some dog.  She walked up to the pond and dove in head first (literally).  After a moment or two, she righted herself and swam like she had been doing it her whole life.
She even chased after Morgan who was busy playing fetch in with her tennis ball.
First day at the dog park and the first day in the water means a first bath.  As you can see from Maggie's expression, the bath was a distant third on the list of firsts.
A nice nap wrapped in fleece after a really long day.  We had to wake her up the next morning (rather than the other way around).