Julie and Tasha in the kitchen at our old house on Olive Street.
  Tasha earlier in 2005, wearing a red bandana our friend Kristin gave her.  You can almost hear her thoughts, "Normally I don't bite.  Notice I said 'normally' and not 'never'.  Take this silly bandana off, now."  Actually she was a sweetheart of a dog, although she did bite Julie in the butt once.
  A common view of Tasha; she was obsessed with food.  She went deaf in her old age but could still hear the crinkle of a food wrapper from halfway across the house.
  For her last meal we let her have a burrito. Some of her favorite foods were rice, steak and tortillas.  Pizza crusts drove her crazy, too.
  Tasha and Morgan enjoy some last moments together.
  Some loving from Julie.
  Our last time together. 
  We buried Tasha at the Denver Pet Cemetery.  We went back a couple of months later to see her stone.
  Cheer up, Daddy!  Let's play some fetch!  Morgan took Tasha's death in stride.  She licked Tasha once after she passed away and spent the rest of her time keeping us in good spirits.