Heide's Memorial Reception

  At the reception, there was a table of pictures honoring Heide.
  Julie and Heidi Rice
  Michael (Julie's brother) and Lisa (Julie's childhood best friend)
  Julie's dad Bill and niece Patti
  Michael and his wife Dianne
  Marian (Julie's aunt) with kids Susie and Don and Susie's boyfriend
  The Rice Family
  Julie's cousin Bob and his wife.
  Julie with Cousin Patti
  Julie with Michael and the crew of cousins.
  Julie's dad with brother and sisters.
  Tim and Heidi with Ruth.  Ruth planned the wake and did an excellent job.  Food was provided by many friends and family members.
  Julie's dad with Heide's sister Uschi who came in from Germany.
  The leaves had started changing in the UP.
  An abandoned structure near Julie's grandmother's house.
  There was no shortage of wild turkeys.  They were all over the entire time we were there.
  Time to say goodbye.  Julie and her brother Michael.
  Julie says goodbye to her dad.
  Julie and her grandma (father's mother).
  Julie and Aunt Uschi.