Boston 2006

We started our weekend with a tour of Fenway Park (pronounced "paahk").  The stadium was devoid of both people and hope for an appearance in the post season.
The quality amenities of Fenway.  Not sure where a seat stops becoming old and becomes "classic".
  Boston Red Sox fans may need things spelled out a little clearer than the rest of us.  (p.s. the red burner on the stove is hot)
  Lots of history in Boston.  A revolutionary era cemetery (Granary Burial Ground) where you find Sam Adams, Ben Franklin's family and John Hanock.
  We met up with Bill's sister's family for breakfast on Sunday. 
  Anna posing in the Public Gardens.
  Game Time!.  All in all, the crowd was very welcoming of opposing fans.  Good natured ribbing was the worst we got. Sam Adams would have been proud of the amount of beer consumed by the crowd.
  Yes we were really there.  The smoke you see is from the small group of Minutemen who fire off black powder arms before the game and after the Patriots score.  There would not be much black powder fired that night, heh, heh, heh...
  We were at the game with friends and fellow Denverites Tim and Amy Bell.  Here they are trying to put on a good face despite they fact that their two small children were back home.
  More friends from Denver, Dave and Loretta Krook.
  OK, our seats were pretty good.  Second row in the end zone.
  This Broncos victory brought to you by Comcast.