2890 Clinton

CLICK HERE Here is the main floor plan.  Click on the blue square to the left to see the plans.
CLICK HERE Here is the upper floor plan.  Click on the blue square to the left to see the plans.
CLICK HERE Here is the general basement plan.  Click on the blue square to the left to see the plans.  We tweaked this a bit for final construction.


                               Pictures as of April 6th
Here is the view westward of the greenbelt and the mountains in the back.
  This is the master bedroom taken from the entrance to the room.
  This is the main staircase looking up to the first flex room.
  Here is the living room taken from the kitchen area.
  This is the kitchen and the nook (on the left) taken from the living room.
  Exterior shot.
  Exterior close up.
                           Pictures as of April 16th
  Here is another view from the front towards the North.
  Here is another view from the from towards the South.
  The exterior is almost finished!
  Here is the North side of the house with a good look at the color scheme.
  Our future back yard.
  Latest on the kitchen.  Hardwood is down and the cabinets are in.
  Our breakfast nook at around 8:00am.  Looks like we will have some morning sun.
  The master bath now has the cabinets installed.
  The master bath with the window towards the West.
                               Pictures as of May 1st
  The tile is in the bathrooms!  Here is the shower.
  Here is the bathtub from above, but with tile.
                               Pictures as of May 8st
  The trim is up throughout the house.  Here is the built-ins and mantle for the living room. 
  Here is a close up of the box trim.  All the doorways on the main floor are boxed like this and will ultimately be painted the trim color.
  The tile is in the J&J bath.  Not a great picture, but you get the point.
  This is photo taken from the upper flex room down the stairs to the main floor.  You can see the way the staircase spirals down and creates an open space all the way from bottom to top.
                               Pictures as of June 20th
  The breakfast nook with the lighting.
  Here is the kitchen, less the cook top which was stolen :(
  Our dining room looks awesome!
  Here is the built-in and the fireplace in the basement.
  The basement also has a small wet bar and fridge.
  The study came out well, too.
  Here are the cherry built-ins in the study.
  Out house at sunset.  Almost done!
  The sunset from our front porch.